Family photos are about as stress-free as getting to the airport with children

Recently, I've had more clients who haven't had their family portrait taken in six+ years. Talk about pressure. The pause is always for a range of reasons: I wanted to lose some weight, the last pictures were so bad that I don't want to experience that again, CLOTHES, but the one I hear most, is worrying the kids will act up. Of course putting a camera near some kids is like is the equivalent of trapping them in a zombie movie. I know picture day is STRESSFUL, I feel you momma. But I think of picture day like trying to get to the airport on time…and the madness that can ensue.

I was six months pregnant with my youngest when my husband and I were flying with our boys (they were 11 months and almost 4) to visit friends in Florida. I had everything packed, we would be ready to go by 5:20 am. My husband's ONE job was getting both of the boys birth certificates or SOMETHING like that because all airlines are different and require some child identification and traveling with kids and being pregnant is soooo fun. We got up, got ready, just about out the door. Hubs has the tickets, doesn't have one of the boys birth certificates. We are SEARCHING. Frantically. Basement. Lockbox. Junk drawer. Baby books. Nothing, can not find it. If we don't leave now, we will miss our flight. We take the chance and go. BOTH sets of our parents go our house and search at 6 AM, if they find the certificate, they can text us a picture. I'm searching online what the rules are, and calling insurance companies from the road. We're praying the airline just doesn't ask for his birth certificate. All in all, it turned out fine, it wasn't a big deal, we got on the plane. But it was so stressful. 

The night before we were to fly back home, I made some changes. I had the friends we were staying with help give the kids baths, while we got packed up. I knew where all the insurance cards, plane tickets, and birth certificates were--and my husband had a new job: kids travel snacks. It was such a better travel day.

I know kids moods can turn on a dime. But come picture day, plan your day like the airport. Give your child a job or activity that they respond well too. Have a friend/grandparent come help get the kids ready. Have dad be home an hour early so you can get ready in peace or spend some extra down time with the kids if the day isn't going as well as everyone hoped. If you're relaxed, the kids will be relaxed. And your pictures are nothing to worry about because, I got you boo.

Kids being impulsive or uncooperative doesn't bother me one bit. You'd never guess which of these families had someone grumbling before we started their session. I got you momma. <3