Christmas Mini Sessions I am not a prop person. I tried to be a long time ago when I first started out--but I did not have it in me to drag a couch out to the middle of a corn field or ask my husband to build a kid sized lemonade stand. :/

But getting out ALL of my holiday decorations I figured out two very important things.

1. This would look real cute in between some pine trees.

2. I have a real problem shopping at Target. EVERYTHING in this set up except 3 things came from the past 2-3 seasons at Target. Want to know what? Good. I'm gonna tell ya! 1-the tiny little sign on the right side; 2. the sled, 3. the classic Caddy (lol). The Cadillac is a whole other story and pretty fan-stinking-tastic about getting it to the location and its ability to randomly honk.

So without further ado here is my set up for my 2016 Christmas minis. I loved creating this set and already have a few more ideas to dress it up even more next Saturday, December 3rd in Owasso, Ok! Shoot me an email if you're interested in a spot.

PS turn around time for christmas minis is just THREE days! I got you covered to get those holiday cards out. ;)

And shout out to my models--they were so awesome!