Mommy & Me * Tulsa, Ok * Restore House

Hey Mom!

Has anyone told you are doing awesome? Well you are! School is out, summer fun is in. Sleeping in, late bedtimes, vacations, friend shenanigans, and of course all the sno cones.

Mama, I know you’re tired. You’re entertaining, breaking up sibling fights, planning all the things, the laundry, feeling like a toddlers snack bitch. But mama, you’re doing great. If this feels like your season of crazy, let me be the one to tell you—you’ve got this and you’re killing it. As cliche as it sounds, enjoy every minute, or try to find the humor in every minute. And at the very least, get in the photo with those babies of yours! Even if you’re just in jammies and having donuts. It’s worth it <3