A post about time

Three completely unrelated things happened this week and it made me want to have a Ted Talk. So welcome to my Ted Talk! Thanks for listening! 

Time. I've been trying to edit whenever I get free moment these past few weeks; and it's hard. You get it. Your time is valuable to so many who depend on you. It makes your day to day hectic. Or life can just be too crazy. But my family still needs me, and daily things sometimes get put on hold.

I'd love to meet the mom or dad who works full time or stays at home full time to raise children, who says, "Yes we're free; We have nothing going on!" 😂

Riiiiight. Maybe after practice, lessons, tournaments, school, activities, homework, feeding the children (all.the.time) and lord knows what else. Hell, I feel like I have barley enough time to finish a REPLY text, before I get interrupted...and NEVER get the text sent. I don't know about you, but come Friday after work or Saturday morning, there is nothing else I want to do, besides NOT cook dinner and sink into my bed and watch my favorite movie. 

But here's the thing. We only have so much time. 

The three unrelated things:
1. My town had a teen killed in a car accident. When I heard, the boy's name and age wasn't given. My heart sank like anyone else's and I prayed it wasn't one of my seniors. He wasn’t a client of mine. But for someone, somewhere, it was. Almost daily I can go in a photography group, and find a story of “These are his last photos.” “She passed before we could get the session scheduled.” I could go on.

2. I had an inquiry for an extended family session. It was the first time this potential clients children were going to meet their (just shy of 100!) great grand mother. In her email the client wrote, "the sad likelihood that this is the last time we all will be together."

3. My middle child, and his wiggly tooth. He has been waiting and waiting for that first wiggly tooth to fall out. He's in first grade and feeling the pressure of not missing any teeth. 🙈 You know, once the first one falls out, they all start going. As much as I love those toothless grins, I LOVE more that we got photos of his (probably last) smile with all his baby teeth. I know he's growing up, but losing those baby teeth confirm how much time as really passed.

So yes, jumping into jammies, getting take out, mixing up candy corn and popcorn, and watching Harry Potter with my family on the couch sounds incredible. But the time we take to remember what's valuable and means the most to us, is worth YOUR time. The couch will still be there tomorrow. It'll be fine without us for one night. 

Last thing, I promise. When I scheduled our family photos, it was a bit out of our budget. I went back and forth over if I wanted to spend that much. Then my budget conscience husband, came in with the ringer. "They're only this little once." He's right. Once in a life time.

Recent clients who made the time (and made the couch wait!) for the ones we love most, pictured below.