The Speakers Family l Tulsa Family Photographer

The Speakers Family has been a part of our family since Jan of 2017. We met Little Blue Speakers at gas station on the southern edge of Kansas. We decided that it was better for him to stay in Kansas, but he had other plans and followed us home to Oklahoma. Since Little Blue Speakers has been in our lives, he's made a family of his own. Mommy Speakers, Daddy Speakers, Little Speakers and Seamore. Although Little Speakers and Seamore look like a chihuahua and a seal, I have been assured they are twins.  

Our session was a little last minute, but the weather was great! I brought a tried and true blanket I use for a lot of my sessions; but they brought a blanket from home that has been in their family for 7 years! I was happy to oblige.

The one that started it all, Little Blue Speakers.

The twins, Little Speakers and Seamore.  

The kids were happy for a moment to take their photo together, then Seamore was not having it. He came around eventually.

The whole family together...there's always one in the bunch that doesn't want to look at the camera...Little Speakers... ;) I made some tooting noises and he loved it.

Mama was a little nervous when I posed them in a lying down shot, but the results are always beautiful. 

More of Mommy & Daddy Speakers loving on their babies <3

Once Little Speakers saw Seamore on Daddy's shoulders--he wanted in too! Bless you Daddy Speakers. We had a few tears when they fell off, but no one was hurt and they all hugged after. #familygoals

We wanted to get a few more with the whole family, and they did not disappoint.  They all might not look alike, but together they make a family. <3

Full Disclosure, Chase our middle one, fell in love with Little Blue Speakers on the way back from Christmas in a gas station. He hugged it goodbye and my husband secretly bought it and put him on his bed when we got home. Chase has found more of Little Blue Speakers family members, and he truly loves them. 

My sweet Chaser has woke up in my bed with his whole Speakers Family for the past few days. We were talking, and I said sometime I should take a picture of him with little Blue Speakers. He runs out of bed, gets dressed, comes back and says "we're ready!" with his family of stuffed animals.

It's 6:45am. Ok, let me get a camera. I grab a blanket, but he had a plan to use his brother's lovely blanket that he's had since birth (Thank you again Amanda!). We looked a little dumb in our pajamas (and Charlie in his underwear!) in the backyard shooting stuffed animals, mostly when I heard my neighbors start their cars. But my kids were in the backyard with me, posing, telling me what shots to do next, and loving every minute of it.  I've already ordered a canvas of one of them for Chaser's room.