The Cantrell Family l Tulsa Family Photographer

Want in on a little secret? I'm barely 5'2" not really a secret; but if you don't know me in real life yet, then news to you. Because I'm on the shorter side, I carry a small step stool with me to all my shoots. I almost feel lost without it.

On the day of the Cantrell's session I completely forgot to grab it. I was already at our location and there was no time to get it. I hoped Dad wasn't over 6 foot... NOPE. He definitely was at least a foot taller than me. lol! I may or may not had to ask him to stand in a ditch while I was standing on a rock to get a few shots. ;) Other than my height mishap, I had a great time with this sweet family. Lots of love, hugs, and one TALL dad. <3 <3 <3